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Valenta Salto - 177 in. wingspan

$ 1,559.00

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The H-101 Salto (English for Loop) is an aerobatic glider, developed in Germany in the 1970s. Its design is based on the Standard Libelle H-201, which was designed by Ursula Hänle.

The Salto prototype first flew on March 6, 1970. By early 1977 there were 67 delivered by early 1977, when production at Start + Flug GmbH Saulgau ceased. Five more Saltos were built from 1993 to 1996 by the German company LTB Frank & Waldenberger.

The Salto was produced again in the late 1980s by Doktor Fiberglas, set up by Ursula Hänle at Westerburg in West Germany as the Hänle H 101 Salto. It was available in utility and aerobatic versions, with the Utility version available with either short or long wingspans.

The Valenta is suitable for aerotowing and slope soaring. The model is strong enough for aerobatics, and it has wide speed range. It has excellent soaring abilities thanks to the HQW 2.5/12 airfoil and the ability to camber the entire trailing edge.


  • Carbon D-Box on wing
  • Full-depth carbon spars
  • Carbon wing joiner tube
  • Custom paint scheme
  • Controls: elevator, ailerons, flaps, ruddervators, airbrakes, nose release


  • Manufacture: Valenta Models
  • Wingspan 4.5 meters (177 in.)
  • Length1.74 meters (68.5 in.)
  • Airfoil HQW 2.5/12
  • Wing area: 72 dm2 (7.75 ft2)
  • RTF weight: ≈5.500 kg (194 oz)
  • Center of gravity: 93 mm /3.54 in. rear of wing leading edge


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