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Valenta Libelle Sailplane - 152 in. wingspan

$ 1,559.00

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The H-201 Standard Libelle was Standard Class sailplane. The prototype made its maiden flight in October 1967, with a total of 601 full-scale versions being built. The type made its mark in contest flying—one flown by Per-Axel Persson of Sweden, winning the 1948 World Championships. It also placed second in the Standard Class at the 1968 World Championships at Leszno in Poland.

The Standard Libelle was a very popular and influential design. Their very lightweight wings and extremely easy rigging set a benchmark. Their handling was noted as generally easy too.


This Valenta Libelle has a wingspan of 152 inches and a length of 61.5 inches. It has been custom manufactured, featuring a carbon fiber D-box on the wing, a full-depth carbon spar, and a wing joiner tube, as well as a custom paint scheme. Its controls are ailerons, elevator, flaps, rudder, airbrakes and nose release.

This version of the model was custom built by RCSF, with all servos being installed, including the nose release. The modeler only requires a receiver, battery and to be balanced and it will ready for flight. All servos have been centered with a servo driver, so the builder must minimize all servo travels in their radio before programming can commence, whereupon they can be adjusted to the pilot's liking.


  • Carbon D-Box on wing
  • Full-depth carbon spars
  • Carbon wing joiner tube
  • Custom paint scheme
  • Controls: elevator, ailerons, flaps, rudder, airbrakes, nose release


  • Manufacturer: Valenta Models
  • Wingspan: 3.85 m / 152 in.
  • Length: 1.56 m / 61.5 in.
  • RTF weight: 4.2 – 4.8 kg / 148 – 169 oz
  • Wing area: 67.8 dm/ 7.29 ft2
  • Airfoil: HQW 2.5/12%
  • Center of gravity position: 90 mm / 3.54 in. rear of wing leading edge


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