RCRCM Tornado V-Tail Glider

$ 999.99

2.9-meter F3B Glider

By Matthieu Barrabes

2 Versions:

Fiberglass+Carbon: Hollow-molded fiberglass construction reinforced with carbon fiber, which provides the required stiffness and torsional rigidity for sport and aerobatic flying.

Carbon: Wings are full carbon cloth, with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail — provides significant stiffness and torsional rigidity, yet is lightweight and strong.


Ailerons, elevator, flaps, and rudder control
Two-piece hollow molded composite carbon or fiberglass wing design
Carbon wing joiner
Live hinges on the wing and rudder, with wipers
Gel-coat finish, with pre-painted graphics
Full-flying stabilizer with pre-installed bellcrank



Ballast tube, motor mount, servo tray, pushrod, clevises, linkages, control horns, servo covers, wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate


  • Wingspan - 2900 mm
  • Length - 1490 mm
  • Weight (glass/carbon) - 1550 g
  • Weight (carbon) - 1640 g
  • Airfoil - JH8
  • CG - 95 mm back of leading edge
  • Radio - 7 channels
  • Servos wings - King Max CLS0911W (4)
  • Servos fuselage - King Max (2)
  • Battery - 4.8 – 8.4 volts