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RC-SF - 2007 (Vol-12-07 July - Quiet Flyer)

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Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

Quiet Flyer July 2007 issue includes: Leading Edge; Molds Part VIII; How to: Power Measurements, Fixing Control Horn Slop; Columns: Simply Soaring, Demystifying Electrics, Parkside, Sport Electrics, E-Heli, Scale Soaring; Reviews: JR 9303, Cermark Breeze III, Fliton Mini Inspire, Hobby Lobby F5B Tiger.

Authors: Wil Byers, Jaroslav Lnenicka, Ivo Plachy, Dan Tanberg, Don Bailey, Camille Goudeseune, Joh Likakis, Rob Smith, James Wang, Jochen Ewald, Ron Hollenbeck, Dan Landis, Frank Davis

Quiet Flyer magazine was an in-depth magazine for RC enthusiats who were focus and gliders/sailplanes and electric-powered aircraft. It provided regular features, honest and informative reviews, instructional how-to articles, plans, drawings, huge photo spreads, and more. It is the trusted source for all model aviation enthusiasts. Quiet Flyer had a worldwide distribution and average readership that approaches 40,000 readers per issue.