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RC-SF - 2006 (Vol-11-06 June - Quiet Flyer)

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Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

Quiet Flyer June 2006 issue includes: Leading Edge; Hot Products; Event: 2006 Mid-America Indoor; Feature: Effects of Wind; Conversion: Jamison Special; How to: Y-Harness; Trade Show: Nuremberg Toy Fair; Model Plan: '57 Chevy Foamy; Labor of Love; Columns: Power On, Demystifying Electrics, Simply Soaring, Sport Electrics, E-Helis, Parkside: Reviews: Bird Dog, Lazurite TD/F3J, DC-3 Twin

Authors: Wil Byers, Neil Pollock, Richard Tacklind, Dan Landis, James Wang, Steve Neu, Camille Goudeseune, Don Bailey, Rob Smith, James Wang, John Likakis, Dick Sarpolus, Don Holfeldt, Mike Lee

Quiet Flyer magazine was an in-depth magazine for RC enthusiats who were focus and gliders/sailplanes and electric-powered aircraft. It provided regular features, honest and informative reviews, instructional how-to articles, plans, drawings, huge photo spreads, and more. It is the trusted source for all model aviation enthusiasts. Quiet Flyer had a worldwide distribution and average readership that approaches 40,000 readers per issue.