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RC-SF - 2006 (Vol-03-06 November/December - 3D Flyer)

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Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

3D Flyer November/December 2006 issue includes: Leading Edge; Hot Products; Features: Indoor Pattern Flying; Events: Victoria's Largest Little Airshow, XFC 2006; How to: Upright Flat Turn, Smoke Systems; Product Look: 116GX Evolution Engine; Columns: Computer Radio Part III, Amped Up, Rototalk; Reviews: Hyperion Yak-54 EP, Fliton Inspire 60 Acro, 25% Yak-54, Fliton Edge 540, Smart-Fly Electronics, GP Super Skybolt, Extreme Flight Extra 300-E, Hangar 9 Pulse XT

Authors: Wil Byers, James Wang, John Glezellis, Jeremy China, Dick Hanson, Steve Rojecki, Gary Ritchie, James VanWinkle, Pedro Brantuas

3D Flyer magazine was an in-depth magazine for RC 3D aircraft enthusiasts. It provides regular features, honest and informative reviews, instructional how-to articles, plans, drawings, huge photo spreads, and more. It is the trusted source for all model aviation enthusiasts. RC Sport Flyer has a worldwide distribution and average readership that approaches 30,000 readers per issue.