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RC-SF - 2005 (Vol-10-12 December - Quiet Flyer)

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Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

Quiet Flyer December 2005 issue includes: Leading Edge; Hot Products; FMA Servos, HiTec Servos, JR Rf Synthesizer, Infrared Monitor; Conversion: Miss America P-51; Events: Mammoth Mountain Alpine F3F, USA F3J; Plan: Vought XF5U-1 Flapjack, Frequency Checker; Columns: Simply Soaring, Demystifying Electrics, Parkside, Andy Rummer Interview, Schleicher ASK-21Mi; How to: Scratch Building Winglets, Dress Up Foamy; CG Location; Reviews: Long Shot DLG, Avionik D-99 Hotliner, CAP 580, Kavan Park Flyers, Futaba 6EXA Tx.

Authors: Wil Byers, Michael Goldston, Rob Smith, Brian Laird, Byron Blakeslee, Ken Stuhr, Bob McGowan, Tuomas Pietinen, Ron Hollenbeck, Don Bailey, Camille Goudeseune, John Likakis, James Wang, Jochen Ewald, Richard Tacklind, Kurt Dumas, Neil Pollock

Quiet Flyer magazine was an in-depth magazine for RC enthusiats who were focus and gliders/sailplanes and electric-powered aircraft. It provided regular features, honest and informative reviews, instructional how-to articles, plans, drawings, huge photo spreads, and more. It is the trusted source for all model aviation enthusiasts. Quiet Flyer had a worldwide distribution and average readership that approaches 40,000 readers per issue.