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RC-SF - 1996 (Vol-01-03 February)

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Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

Sailplane Modeler February 1996 issue includes: Leading Edge, Flying Part 3, Adhesives, Eric Eiche Interview, 2nd Annual Winter Soaring Festival, UIUC Wind Tunnel Update, 22nd Annual Tangerine, Learn to Soar, ASW-27 3-view drawing, Lockheed U-2 plan, Lost Foam, Trailing Edge.

Authors: Wil Byers, Steven W Sharpe, Gary Fogel, Cameron Ninham, Carl Ivan Bice, Gus Morfis, Graham Woods, Art Boysen, Sherman Knight, Byron Blakeslee, Gary Brokaw, Joe Wurts, Vincenzo Pedrelli, Gregory Vasgerdsian. 

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