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RC Flyer News' Nov/Dec 2018 issue includes:  Leading Edge; Events: Weaver's Season Ender; Build: Kwik-Fli III; How to: Bench Test Servos, Paint Warbirds, Install Servo Frames; 3-View: Van's RV-4; Plan: Cessna 310R; Review: Revoc Custom Bags, and Mystery Plane contest.

Authors: Wil Byers, Jeff Troy, RCFN Staff, Hans-Jürgen Fischer, Wendell Hosteller, Gary Weaver

RC Flyer News is an in-depth magazine for RC aircraft enthusiasts. It provides regular features, honest and informative reviews, instructional how-to articles, plans, drawings, huge photo spreads, and more. It is the trusted source for all model aviation enthusiasts. RC Flyer News has a worldwide distribution and average readership that approaches 40,000 readers per issue. Quite simply, RC Flyer News magazine is the industry leader.