PowerBox 3300 - iGyro 1e

$ 87.95

PowerBox’s iGyro™1e is unbelievably easy to use — ready for use right out of the box. Simply: plug it in, fit in your aircraft, and fly.

In every respect its performance is as good as PowerBox’s larger iGyro systems, with the same PowerBox iGyro RC control feel.

iGyro 1E includes: Two outputs can be set independently of each other, both in terms of gyro effect and control function. This means it is possible to adjust output two separately for the gyro’s effect direction, the servo’s direction of rotation, end-points, and center. Consequently, this servo-matching function can be exploited, for example, to use a channel to control the rudder and one for the steerable nose wheel, but with different gyro functions for each. As such, the nose wheel might be set with a heading hold function, but the rudder with normal gyro function. The iGyro 1e also lets you assign the gyro function to two ailerons without forfeiting differential travel.

Another feature is the ability to store gyro gain automatically. So if your receiver is short of channels, you can configure the iGyro 1e once using a receiver output, then disconnect the gain input at the receiver; the set gain value is automatically stored. The receiver output previously used is now available again for other functions.

The iGyro 1e offers two additional functions: frame-rate adjustment and Gyro-Sense x 4, which is designed for large, slow-flying models.

All the components employed in the iGyro 1e satisfy the same high quality standards as the large iGyro systems, and it is made in Germany quality. Although the iGyro 1e is an obvious choice for small models, its quality means it also guarantees the highest standards of precision and security in high-end models.

The iGyro 1e can be installed in any model where there is a need to stabilize one axis, whether it is a glider or even a jet. The iGyro 1e’s micro size lets you squeeze it into any F3B or F5J glider — even in an RC model car, which will then maintain its heading!


  • Ultra-precise single-axis MEMS sensor
  • Regulatory algorithm designed specifically for fixed-wing model aircraft
  • Single axis shared by two servos, each independently variable
  • Conventional PWM input and output signals
  • Gain input for in-flight sensitivity adjustment
  • Heading or Normal mode, switchable in flight
  • Integral servo-match and reverse function
  • Gyro Sense x 4 function for large, slow-flying models
  • Variable frame-rate
  • 16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
  • Can be set up using the USB Interface Adapter
  • Can be updated using the USB Interface Adapter


Operating Voltage:  4.0V - 9.0V
Current Drain Power-on State:  20 mA
Maximum Load Current:  10 amps
Signal Input:  PWM
Servo Sockets:  2
Servo Signal Resolution:  0.5 µs
Gyro Regulation:  Heading- and Normal-mode
Gyro Sensor Type:  MEMS
Number of Sensor Axes:  1
Dimensions:  33 x 10 x 5.5 mm
Weight:  7.5 g, incl wires
Temperature Range:  -30° to +75°C