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Plan - 1710 FJ-4B Fury - PSS Glider

$ 9.99

Brand Kiona Publishing, Inc.

The North American FJ-4 Fury was a swept-wing carrier-capable fighter-bomber for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It was final development in a line that included the Air Force's F-86 Sabre, the FJ-4 shared its general layout and engine with the earlier FJ-3, but featured an entirely new wing design and was a vastly different design. The Fury model was designed by Steve Griffiths and Mike Briggs. It is a Power Scale Soarer that is designed for slope soaring. The model has a 39.5-in. wingspan, with a wing area of 338 square inches. It uses a built-up wooden construction design, with a Selig 3021 airfoil on the wing. The plan is CAD drawn, with plenty of annotations to step you through the process of building this model.